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competitor comparison


Most competitors produce quite narrow suits, often with very small shoes. Their advantage is the reduced quantity of raw material. As a result neoprene material can be considerably saved since raw material costs account for about 70% of the overall suit price.

We consider this approach as being dangerous since shoes are hardly removed in the case of emergency and so is the rest of the clothing. Furthermore a removal of clothes will lead to a poorer insulation performance. Therefore our suits have a spacious cut which enable users to wear the suit fully dressed without wasting precious time for undressing and without loosing an important insulation layer.

Often immersion suits have to be worn by inexperienced persons. In the case of an emergency, especially in stormy weather it does not seem sensible to deliver the suit with a paper instruction. Our suits have a very simple 5-step icon-based description of how to use the suit boldly printed on the bag as well as on the suit itself.

Since suits are usually delivered in different sizes in the case of emergency the user has to choose the appropriate bag. In order to being able to better distinguish sizes we use carrying bags of different color.
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