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Link up with aquata!

End of winter special!
Yesterday, 25.02.2013 aquata launched a new incentive "Link up with aquata! End of winter special!" and today, Tuesday 26.02.2013 we got the first company that is linking up by this showing there togetherness with aquata

It's the Estonian Service Partner AS Mereabi that joined the aquata family in 2011!

As they are the 1st from ten they get the Bonus for their next upcoming order!

Means we allow them to get a 12% Bonus on our ARO suits (V20OP, V20 and V40) and a 22% Bonus on all other suits and aquata Products, apart from spare parts!

When you are joining? Link up and get your incentive!

MEREABI is the oldest marine service station in the Baltic region. There history began in the year 1975 when it was a special shipyard division of safety. Today MEREABI Company is focused on Marine services.
There service area is the Baltic region: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and North-West Russia. They provide complete services with high quality and within short time to all their customers

For more information about AS Mereabi please join:

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